Street Lighting - Acorn Lighting

We are predominantly a main contractor to the Local Authorities for the maintenance and replacement of Street Lighting and Associated equipment. We also carry out ground works, mast and cabinet installation for the new up and coming 6G in the Northwest.

We may be a main contractor to the big councils but we also carry out repairs and replacements for parish councils from 1 light to 100 lights and beyond.


  • Cable Trenching – Tarmac, Grass, Flags and Cobbles re-instated back to finish levels.
  • Installing Ducting – Footways and Road Crossings.
  • Street Lighting Column Installation – 5 metre – 20 metres height.
  • Feeder Pillar Installation – Mains Pillars, 609 Cabinets, Traffic Signal Cabinets
  • Joint Holes – Mains Cable Joints, Pot end Joints, Electricity Board Trenching and Duct Installation.
  • Routine Maintenance – Bulk Lamp Replacement, Clean and Change, Electrical Testing,
  • Non Routine Maintenance – Reactive Repairs, Call-outs.
  • Lantern Replacement – LED conversions
  • Bracket Removal – Wall bracket removal and replacements
  • Car Parks – Replacement Car Park Lighting – New Car Park Lighting